Friday, March 03, 2006

The Oscars

by jaydro
jaydro says: I was pondering what to write about the Oscars and realized that if I didn't just do it now that I would likely find myself having to write about my reaction to this year's ceremony. I know I've missed seeing it some years, though now I can't remember. I keep threatening to not watch, particularly in years where it looks like some film I loathe is going to sweep every award imaginable, but yet I still watch. And it's pretty much the only awards show I watch now.

As a kid I used to watch them all, but then that time was about when they were really starting to proliferate as made-for-TV events that wouldn't exist without the glitz. I soon came to realize that the Grammies really weren't relevant, despite their best efforts (and I hear they've made a comeback, but I gave up caring long ago). There were the American Music Awards, the People's Choice Awards, and even the semi-respectable Golden Globe Awards. But really, how seriously can you take some award that's voted on by less than a hundred foreign mostly semi-retired journalists in Hollywood?

So it's just the Oscars for me. Oh, wait, there's also the Independent Spirit Awards, and that's fun, but I tend to think of it as an extended pre-show/audition for the Oscars.

My favorite Oscar host is Johnny Carson, but for a lot of people he's probably a dim memory at best (kinda like Bob Hope as perennial Oscar host was for me). Steve Martin is my second favorite. I was never a big Whoopi Goldberg or Billy Crystal fan, though Crystal's opening numbers were often the highlights of the ceremonies.

I hope Jon Stewart does well and doesn't fall into the David Letterman trap of not really being bad but somehow being a disappointment.

The field this year doesn't have a film I'm especially rooting for, nor does it have one I'll be rooting against. I mean, no matter how hard it tries, I'm not going to be able to groan over "Brokeback Mountain" showing the early signs of a big sweep by winning some award it doesn't really deserve like "Best Sound Editing" or "Best Costumes," simply because it wasn't nominated in those categories. Thank goodness.


Blogger Chris said...

I think the guy who paid $100,000 for those two shirts would disagree with you about a Brokeback costume nom. :)

I don't see any real upsets with the nominees either, though. I am maddened by some of the omissions, but I don't really think there are any nominees who would piss me off if they won. Maybe Knightley, but I haven't seen P&P so I really have no grounds for the hate.

3/03/2006 11:20:00 AM  

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