Friday, March 17, 2006

"Enough is enough, I’ve had it with these snakes."

by LesterG

Those are the immortal words that signal the beginning of New Line Cinema's sure-to-be-massive marketing campaign for "Snakes on a Plane".

Not since the "Episode 1" teaser was released back in November 1998 has the world been so amped up for a movie trailer. That movie featured a wooden child actor, a jailbait Natalie Portman and Jar Jar Binks. This movie features Sam Jackson, hot flight attendants and snakes hiding in fat women's dresses.

Gentlemen, the wait is finally over. You will never be the same once you click here.


Blogger Chris said...

is there a trailer there? All I see is a contest to submit your music for use in the film.

3/17/2006 10:43:00 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

okay nevermind I saw it this time, didn't load last time for some reason.


It's everything I dreamed of! Sam Jackson shooting snakes inside a plane, NOT SAFE! Snakes coming out of the oxygen mask thingies! A giant goddamn boa constrictor falling from the ceiling!



3/17/2006 10:52:00 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

This is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

No, I am not joking.

3/17/2006 02:16:00 PM  
Blogger Jackrabbit Slim said...

The Hollywood Reporter is weighing in on the phenomenon of the SoaP buzz:

3/23/2006 12:58:00 PM  
Blogger LesterG said...

Wow. Has a major studio (pre-test screenings) ever paid for a week of reshoots just to appease an internet fanbase? Absolutely amazing.

The new logo is beyond sweet, btw.

3/23/2006 01:40:00 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

The title itself, sometimes abbreviated as "SoaP," has emerged as Internet-speak for fatalistic sentiments that range from c'est la vie to "shit happens."

I think they got that from our old HE forums, we had a conversation about that exact same thing on the SoaP thread.

I has hoping that they would do some re-shoots to address the huge and inexplicable fan base for this flick. It makes me very happy to know that Samuel L. Jackson will be saying "motherfuckin snakes!"

I, for one, have not had nearly enough of these snakes. I even bought one of the bootleg t-shirts (this one), and I have never owned a movie T-shirt before.

3/23/2006 02:15:00 PM  
Blogger LesterG said...

Fuck a t-shirt, I'm getting that logo tattooed on my forehead.

One of the potential taglines mentioned in the EW article (by a New Line marketing guy) is "If the food doesn't kill you, they will". How sweet is that?

I want this to be the cultural phenomenon of 2006. I envision pre-release Star Wars-esque lines at theaters across the country. Imagine hundreds of fans dressed as flight attendants and pilots... ALL OF THEM COVERED IN SNAKES.

3/23/2006 02:35:00 PM  
Blogger jaydro said...

I had been mostly ignoring SoaP, but they got me with that Hollywood Reporter article....

3/23/2006 03:59:00 PM  

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