Friday, July 07, 2006

Opening in Dallas, 07/07

by Brian
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (trailer): Yeah, OK, I’ll list it first, but my heart’s not really into it. I was OK with the first one, and I expect I’ll be OK with this one too, but it’s hard to be enthusiastic with “OK”.

The Heart of the Game (trailer): Documentary about a high school girls’ basketball team that’s gotten rave reviews so far. I guess the question is, is this a generic sports doc that would play out the same way no matter who it was about, or something that looks a little deeper than that?

Cavite (trailer): Small movie from Cuban/Wagner’s Truly Indie distribution line. Stephen Holden calls it a “gripping no-budget political thriller”. Looks interesting. I should check it out.

The Blood of My Brother: A Story of Death in Iraq (trailer at official site): Documentary about the Iraq War, but from a vengeful Iraqi’s point of view. While I don’t doubt that there are millions of stories to be told from all sides about the war, I wonder if we’re not long past the point where any doc about Iraq wouldn’t be preaching to the choir. We’re three and a half years into it; people see what they want to see. Or maybe I’ve just soured on political docs in general.

Wassup Rockers (trailer at official site): I’ve seen this trailer approximately 744 times and I’m tired of it. At this point, I doubt there’s much Larry Clark would conceivably do that would be interesting to me.


Blogger Alex Stroup said...

Pirates of the Caribbean. I liked it but many of the complaints about it are valid. You either fall into the groove or you don't.

The Heart of the Game. It raises some issues that are interesting. My big problem was with the filming style of the director. He goes in close on everything and then pans. Also, he can't hold focus worth a damn so I was frequently on the edge of a headache.

There is a core social issue that is raised by the film and is interesting. However, the movie is strongly of the messgae that to disagree with one side means you must be a mysogynist. I disagree with that side but for different reasons than presented and I don't think they are mysogynistic.

7/08/2006 10:13:00 PM  
Blogger Jackrabbit Slim said...

I liked Pirates 2 fine. Probably not as much as the first, because there are no real surprises, specifically in Depp's performance. But I thought it moved along well. Maybe because I knew it was long going in that didn't bother me. The movie wizardry behind the look of Davy Jones and the Kraken is to be commended (and probably Oscared).

7/09/2006 04:16:00 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

I didn't much care for Pirates. Most of it just felt redundant. And I don't mean that so much in the sense of compared to the first, but standing apart on its own. Swordfight, swordfight, exposition. Swordfight, swordfight, exposition. It just got dull after a while - really it felt like a Michael Bay movie.

7/11/2006 04:44:00 PM  
Blogger jaydro said...

Finally saw Pirates 2. I was convinced I would like it okay, since I liked the first one more than most people and critics. But I have to say it was a pretty big let-down. The thing really teetered just on the edge of being a total mess, I thought. I was pretty confused by just what was going on for about the first hour, and then it started hopping along fine, but I just didn't care about what was happening or understand why I should care. The plot very much lacked any central driving focus. It might be better with a repeat viewing, but it really didn't hold up in comparison to the first. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom came to mind, though it wasn't quite that much of a letdown. I mean, Keira Knightley is a lot better than Kate Capshaw. I thought Ms. Knightley's hair extensions should possibly garner a best supporting actress nomination. ;-)

10/16/2006 08:40:00 PM  

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