Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Opened in Dallas, 12/25

by Brian
Children of Men (trailer): Been wanting to see this for awhile, for a few reasons. But the biggest reason isn't the end-of-the-year acclaim it's been getting, or the high-quality filmmakers and cast involved, but that it just plain looks interesting on its own, without taking those other things into consideration. There's only a handful of movies that come out every year that I think that about.

Dreamgirls (trailer): Of course I'll go see it, but it's kinda the opposite of Children of Men; it doesn't look all that interesting, it's not made by filmmakers whose work I particularly look forward to seeing, and even the reviews have been disappointing given the advance hype.

Black Christmas (trailer): More Dimension dreck from the Weinsteins, but again, they have the high-quality awards season films to make up for it. For example, just this year they have ... um ... Bobby, I guess. Which was frankly awful. So it's been an off-year, but last year they had ... hmm. Mrs Henderson Presents and Transamerica, but those were hideous also. Oh, well, guys, keep plugging. Maybe someone will like this little Black Christmas movie of yours.


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