Friday, March 10, 2006

Neil Young on "The Daily Show"

by jaydro
jaydro says: Wow, Jon Stewart did the best celebrity interview (as opposed to author or politico) I've seen him do in like forever on The Daily Show (though he used to be really good when filling in for Tom Snyder on The Late, Late Show) when he interviewed Neil Young on Wednesday's show. Neil seemed more relaxed and full of conversation than I remember seeing him in an interview in a while, too. Heart of Gold opens here today.


Blogger Nick said...

Been a fan of Young since a guy recommended his MTV Unplugged album to me. I've bought others over the years, but that one is still the favorite.

But my biggest memory is seeing him live in Roskilde Festival 2001, just skin and bones, cowboy hat and some loose clothes, just pounding the heart out of 10 000 fans at least half his age, culminating in a 10 minute aria of Like A Hurricane, that just seemed to go on and on, the whole band blaring, blasting all eardrums, Young tearing the strings of his guitar, the whole thing stopping time itself, with Young at the end sweating, openmouthed, as if he'd run a marathon, his head on the piano, smashing the keys on with a beer bottle, rhythmically. Had to be there to believe it.

A friend described it best - "You all know we just had a religious experience, right?"

So with this and Brian recommending it, I'm looking forward to seeing the doc.

3/10/2006 05:51:00 PM  

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