Thursday, April 06, 2006

Finally V for Vendetta

by jaydro

[Crap, posted a comment to Brian's review post, but that's so old now it's dropped off the bottom of the page. Only thing to do is a new post....]

Finally saw it, finally read Brian's post and comments. I'm more in agreement with Nick. While I didn't think it was great, I thought it was far above average--another example of "every film should be this good." A lot of reviews around have mentioned the troubling aspects of V being a terrorist and we get to see Parliament blown up--I actually wasn't as troubled by that within the context of the film as I was in the past by some of the imagery of wanton violence committed by the hero terrorists of The Matrix Reloaded as they cut a fine swath of destruction in a world they knew was not real, as perhaps some religious zealots might feel.

As for tracking down the source of ordering all those masks and tons of fertilizer, I imagined that V must have been adept at tapping into various computer systems and that the bills all ended up at the Ministry of Defense or something like that.

After seeing Inside Man I was struck by the similarity of V's ruse of putting his mask on his hostages. And if two films out at the same time had some hip-hop Indian music playing over the end credits, would you believe that the one also playing Malcolm X over the music was not the one directed by Spike Lee?


Blogger Nick said...

Now that I've had some time to properly digest the film, I think I'd lower my 'score' from "fucking fantastic" to "fucking good", and reserve the former to those that really deserve it.

Still wanna see it again, but everyone now wants to see Inside Man instead, which was also very good but not that good. Soon... soon the dry summer season will be here, and then they will all want to see... X-Men 3. It's not easy liking, or being for that matter, a super-hero movie with brains.

4/10/2006 01:25:00 AM  

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