Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Heroes Redux

by Count Olaf
A mere 6 weeks after my first post on the subject NBC's Heroes finally premiered. They must have read my review intently and knew what keen insight I had into the mind of AverageJoe TV Viewer. (tongue firmly planted in cheek) Or maybe they released that one to the Internet knowing full-well that some things would have to be changed...

Right off the bat I noticed something different: the font! It's more comic-book style. I'm finally seeing where they want to go with this show.... Also Chapter One is now called "Genesis" instead of "In His Own Image." I'm cool with that. There are minor special effects additions and improvements throughout. Music is different in many places and some other things are edited differently (for the better).

My sarcastic rant about the artist chopping off his own hand no longer makes sense because they merely make him OD on drugs now...no more handcuffs/saw/severed hand. That's definitely for the better. They dropped where he shows his girlfriend the painting he drew of her earlier that morning (showing her standing in the doorway as she just stood moments ago) which was no biggie. It was just another way to drive home that his paintings predict the future. Also his painting of NYC ablaze was enhanced so you could really see what he drew on the floor.

Las Vegas girl with genius son......The son still has the comic book which immediately connects to the Japanese guy, but in seeing the preview for next week you find out that the comic book plays a HUGE role in the whole story. Also the son does not run away and steal $300 from his emergency sitter this time. Instead of the sitter calling and saying the boy ran off it's the boy who calls and says "come pick me up."

They cut back a lot of the Japanese rooftop exercise session, seemed to show more stripping, and changed a few lines here and there. It was a great premiere and looks wonderful in HD. The clincher, however, was the preview for next week (and possibly weeks to follow). There is definitely something real about the comic book feel and references and they blatantly tell you that in the preview...."9th Wonders" seems to be telling the "Heroes" story as it happens. Perhaps the eccentric artist's paintings are merely frames for the next issue?

It's a great idea and I hope they run with it. It looks like their online site http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/ is going to help the story along as well with an overly dramatic online comic!


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