Sunday, February 25, 2007

2007 Independent Spirit Awards

by jaydro
Okay, I didn't blog it live (or nearly live) like I did last year, because I wasn't watching it anywhere near live. Moreso than last year there were several films I had never heard of (I didn't pay attention to the nominations until just before I watched the show) and even more that haven't played here yet (though for all I know they may already be on DVD). Just to show my ignorance, of the more prominent nominees I was unaware of American Gun, Sweet Land, and Land of Plenty. Okay, that's not so many, but I think last year there was just one.

Just before it started I thought, wow, Little Miss Sunshine is going to clean up here. And I was right. The show seemed like the Oscar Consolation Awards for Little Miss Sunshine.

Oh, and for Ryan Gosling, too. He made light of finally winning against Forest Whitaker, who was nominated, but not for The Last King of Scotland (it was American Gun this time).

Last year Felicity Huffman provided the highlight of the show in her funny acceptance speech, but this year she was the lowlight as she announced winner Shareeka Epps twice as Shakira Epps. Sarah Silverman later announced that Facility Hoffman would be the host next year.

This year's highlight for me was Minnie Driver singing the show song for Pan's Labyrinth: "I Blew a Giant Frog to Smithereens" to the tune of the old Melanie song "I've Got a Brand New Pair of Rollerskates." I watched that three times!



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