Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lost, 11/15 Moment

by jaydro
I was going to post this as sort of a joke, as if we would rabidly discuss the little bits of upcoming Lost that ABC is going to be parceling out each week during Daybreak. But I'd also heard they would be posting it online for those who didn't want to bother wading through Daybreak--and all I can find is some AMEX-cardholder-only promo that is showing the "Lost Moments." Ugh. So I can't really post the link to the "moment" here as I intended. Thanks, ABC--now your website is just as fucked-up as NBC's, IMHO. Thank God for BitTorrent....

P.S. I did watch Daybreak and last night's Lost Moment, FWIW. Daybreak was good so far, but not great. People call it a mash-up of Groundhog Day with The Fugitive, but what I liked most was the undercurrent of paranoid vibe in it that surprisingly reminded me of David Lynch's Lost Highway.

P.P.S. I even resorted to searching YouTube (which I never do) to see if someone put up the video, but I don't see it.


Blogger Count Olaf said...

I think they only check the phone number and not the name (I just put in "Jack O Lantern" as my name and it worked) so here is the number I use:


11/16/2006 11:59:00 AM  
Blogger jaydro said...

Well I'm sure those who didn't watch last night will appreciate your bit of investigative work, Count.

So, anyway, as if we didn't know already, we now know that something is definitely up with Desmond. I like Count's idea that he has somehow been sent back from the future with a Terminator-type time machine (thus his loss of all clothing) after having been obliterated (or what?) in the hatch implosion/explosion.

Hmm, what more can I say? Hey, Hurley was in the clip! He's been mostly absent lately, along with the numbers.

11/16/2006 12:32:00 PM  
Blogger Jackrabbit Slim said...

I'm definitely not watching Daybreak just for this, so if anyone wants to summarize these "moments", please do.

11/16/2006 01:07:00 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks, Olaf, not an Amex man so that was nice.

Didn't "up" my anticipation for the rest of the season, sadly.

if anyone wants to summarize these "moments", please do.

This one had Desmond strangling Charlie on the beach shouting "yuuu don wunna nuuhhh wodd append tu miiiii!!" Hurley was in the background looking confused. Roughly 20 second clip.

11/16/2006 02:40:00 PM  
Blogger Jackrabbit Slim said...

Well, gee, who wouldn't want to strangle Charlie?

11/16/2006 02:45:00 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Well, gee, who wouldn't want to strangle Charlie?

This is today's truth.

11/16/2006 02:54:00 PM  
Blogger jaydro said...

Thank for summarizing for Jackrabbit, Nick. I was going to reluctantly use the ABC site to review it and then do a painstaking moment-by-moment recreation, but your interpretation of Desmond's words was better than anything I would have done.

11/16/2006 06:59:00 PM  
Blogger Count Olaf said...

It's all over YouTube now...

11/17/2006 11:25:00 AM  

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