Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Quick Takes

by Brian
Lonesome Jim: Previously reviewed here by Colin a while back, and I mostly agree with his review. I will say, though, that I didn’t understand for a moment why the Tyler character wanted to spend more than five minutes with the Affleck character. There’s a rather typical element of male fantasy at work here; no matter how big of a loser you are, there’s always a beautiful woman out there waiting to get the chance to sleep with you. So, I think it would have helped if Affleck would have been able to make his character show, in some small way, some kind of endearing quality instead of being simply a dazed idiot moron the whole time.

Game 6: A good performance by Michael Keaton, but not a whole lot else to recommend this. I felt that the tone of the screenplay was probably a lot different than the tone of the film turned out to be. There are a lot of wacky events and characters here, but director Michael Hoffman plays it straight, and the result is kind of jarring.

Brick: I really loved this, and I think it justifies its own review instead of being stuck in a Quick Takes column like this, but all of my efforts to write one have made the movie sound ridiculous. It’s a fantastic and unique film, and if you still have the chance to see it, go.

Hard Candy: Another film that I’ve been wanting to write a full review for (for different reasons than Brick), but haven’t gotten around to it. I’ll just say that it’s hard to be effectively edgy when you abandon all semblance of character halfway through, making your 14-year-old sadist about as unsettling as Chuckie in the Child’s Play series. This is a pretty stupid movie.

Friends with Money: There are a few scenes in this movie with a husband and wife screenwriting team. They read their script aloud to each other, and argue about what dialogue makes sense and what doesn’t. I kept feeling that Nicole Holofcener should have done the same, because the characters in this movie say and do a lot that, well, just don’t make no sense. Also, I’m not sure I grasped a point.

Aguirre: The Wrath of God, and Invincible: Rare DVD viewings for me, as I’ve decided to try to catch up on Werner Herzog’s films. Of the two of these, I liked Aguirre better; it’s more mysterious and chilling, plus the commentary track is awesome. But they’re both fascinating.


Blogger Colin said...

Yeah, I kind of agree with you on the Tyler-Affleck thing. I think he played it well enough to the point where you could see that she liked him for the man that he would become after he got out of his funk. But, he certainly did toe the line of not being likeable at all.

I also agree that Aguirre is a better film than Invincible. Frankly, I really got into Aguirre and loved the naturalism of it. As far as Invincible goes, I'd say it was the only Herzog film that I haven't liked. I just couldn't get into it.

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