Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lost, May 17th Episode

by Jackrabbit Slim
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Blogger Jackrabbit Slim said...

Great episode, and I'm really excited about the upcoming season finale. But a couple of questions:

Lester, looks like Libby is indeed dead, or if she wans't she soon will be after being buried.

Also, if the Others want Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley, why didn't they grab the first three when they had them surrounded? Are the three of them no good without Hurley?

It looks like The Others must be part of the Dharma experiment, and sense that Walt has pyschic powers.

5/18/2006 07:12:00 AM  
Blogger Count Olaf said...

The following is speculation spoken in a determined voice as if I actually know something....

The others really do play dress-up above ground but have it all modern inside the hatch(es).

Miss Clue (in the study with a revolver) is psycho.

The others clearly have the manifest or are psychic. Or both. How do they know all the names? Maybe Walt told them.

As if we didn't know before, Alex, Rousseau's daughter, is alive and well with the others. But she's not entirely brainwashed, so I don't get it.

Michael's turn to the darkside was way more powerful and plausibly explained than anything in the first 3 episodes of Star Wars.

The boat was clearly Desmond's from his solar race (or was it solo?) around the world. He tried to leave the island in it at the beginning of the season and now it's floating back.
How can they wonder if they're saved by a boat that can hold 4 or 5 people? Please....

5/18/2006 11:30:00 AM  
Blogger Jackrabbit Slim said...

Many of the names probably came from Ethan, while he was spying. But did anyone know that Sawyer's real name was James Ford? Was he flying under that name? I don't know.

5/18/2006 11:57:00 AM  
Blogger Count Olaf said...

Speaking of TV shows...
I don't think this warrants a brand new post, but check out this week's featured estate sale:

5/18/2006 12:26:00 PM  
Blogger LesterG said...


Ah, my "Libby isn't going to be leaving that island" comment. That's me trying to be clever in order to avoid spoilers (and failing, per usual).

Unfortunately, her death was pretty much set in stone once CBS announced she was doing a fall pilot. Despite the potential for a "Vanishing" homage - I don't think she's coming back other than for the occasional flashback.

My questions:
1) What is "the room" that Walt is afraid of?
2) Why don't the others want Locke, particularly when "Henry" claimed he was coming for him?
3) Since Damon Lindelof keeps hinting that there is a greater (and perhaps common) foe - who is it?
4) What the heck does this mean: "There is something else that is reverberating on our planet that is directly linked to this island. You begin to understand that what is happening there has a significant butterfly effect in the rest of the world." - Dominic Monahan on the season finale.

5/18/2006 07:52:00 PM  
Blogger jaydro said...

And I got my explanation as to how Michael could not have been brainwashed into an Other and yet let Henry go....

And what's up with no tailees at the funeral? Okay, I can actually only think of one tailee character left, but....

Looking forward to the finale.

5/18/2006 09:23:00 PM  
Blogger Jackrabbit Slim said...

Yeah, Jaydro, we haven't seen Bernard and Rose since their flashback episode.

As for Libby, we get the tantalizing glimpse of her as a patient in Hurley's mental hospital flashback, and then she's bumped off? I was expecting her to get her own flashback episode, but it would be hard to do if she's not alive on the island. Hurley did mention that he thought he knew her from somewhere, so maybe we'll see an explanation in another of his flashback episodes.

5/19/2006 07:07:00 AM  

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