Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lost, 3/7 Episode--"Enter 77"

by Jackrabbit Slim
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Blogger Jackrabbit Slim said...

I thought this episode kicked ass, and reminded me why I'm sticking with it. Great flashback with a twist, and some good action and suspense. The ping-pong subplot was amusing, too.

3/08/2007 07:34:00 AM  
Blogger Jackrabbit Slim said...

Just read that eyepatch's name (which I coudln't quite hear when he said it) is Mikhail Bakunin. Bakunin was a Russian philosopher whose work inspired anarchic movements. So now we've got Locke, Rousseau, Hume and Bakunin.

3/08/2007 09:42:00 AM  
Blogger jaydro said...

Hmmm, I'm beginning to think that the less of Jack there is, the more I like an episode.

Mikhail's iced tea glasses are identical to an Anchor Hocking set I just got. Weird.

In Mikhail's papers the handwritten notes were something about Andreya and Afghanistan. (The best thing about trying to learn Russian is later being able to remember Cyrillic.)

I was just thinking about the whole time theme on the show, and how we and the show both began in the fall of 2004, and while the show is stuck there, we are not. If Walt ever comes back, it will certainly look like they've been in a time warp.

3/08/2007 10:38:00 AM  
Blogger Count Olaf said...

I enjoyed this episode, but I wonder what actually happened to move forward? We find out Sayid was tortured for being a torturer but was ultimately forgiven for admitting his sins. So perhaps this is why he lets Mikhail live? O.K. Don't we already know he's ashamed of his past?

And was Locke really that mentally challenged all of a sudden? Dude just shot up Sayid, so you're going to play chess? And then Mikhail comes in to make a smart comment about the chess game? And everything is cool? Then, not only does he take 30+ seconds to get up from the chess match when there's a rumble in the jungle, he just wields his gun aimlessly. Then, after just being played by Ben a few weeks prior, he leaves this "Hostile" unmanned after a few seconds because the Chess game beckons? SERIOUSLY???? I'm inclined to believe that if the chess computer was instead a full buffet, even Hurley would have stayed to keep watch on the prisoner.

THEN after being held and gunpoint and having the Ms. Klugh get shot up, rather then stick with the group or pick up supplies, Locke goes back to play Chess again!!!! He can come back any time...I know he wanted to enter what Marvin Candle asked for...but why not try the other options? 32? 33? obviously the satellite didn't work..try others. Curiosity killed the cat and EVERYTHING had been a trap in that building...why? why? why?

I guess the big news is that we find out the others were really here before Dharma and the Others decided to get all Lord of the Flies on the Dharma initiative. Also, Danielle was there before the war if her transmission was for 16 years. Her isolationism is worse than an ostrich. Yeah, she knows a lot, but to stay away from everyone for that long is insanity...especially if she really wants to find her daughter.

The preview for next week looks cool. I personally can't wait to see Jack again because things will be very different. I loved the part where they threw Mikhail into the alarm...I hope it roughs him up good. These others are hardly the good guys. They steal kill and destroy anyone who isn't them. Not exactly the hallmark of peacenik researchers.

3/08/2007 11:30:00 AM  
Blogger Jackrabbit Slim said...

Locke is taking a beating on the message boards for being stupid, and he certainly was, but I don't think it was out of character. He is a man who follows his passions, and his faith. Remember, he was following coordinates that were carved on the stick of a dead man. He clearly got obsessed with wanting to beat that chess game (and was wondering why Mikhail was trying to discourage him). Then, when confronted with entering the codes, he couldn't help himself. Actually it would have been nice if Sayid told him the whole place was booby-trapped.

3/08/2007 12:16:00 PM  
Blogger jaydro said...

Yeah, Locke didn't know the place was booby-trapped. If dish and sonar were out of commission, then it's possible there was some super-back-up distress signal that 77 would activate, like a giant flare (hah!) or some kind of ultra-long-wave submarine communications rig (I'm still waiting for Lost to hit on that location, previously used on magnum, p.i.).

3/08/2007 03:56:00 PM  
Blogger Count Olaf said...

It just doesn't seem consistent to me with all that Locke knows. Sayid was shot in the arm. Locke had a knife put to his throat. The caravan was leaving. at least say "hey, I'm going to play chess because I saw the guy from the orientation video in here. I know the last time we dealt with a DHARMA computer it was discharging a magnet and the sky turned purple, but these numbers must be different." Give Sayid a chance to say "OK, but we're heading out now" or "I traced the explosives to cabling under the computer room. Probably not a good idea."

but I digress...

Because the war happened 11 years ago, does this mean Kelvin Inman was an Other living in the swan or was he really Dharma? Did he know about the war? He wouldn't be allowed to leave very often to fight anyway because of the importance of pushing the button...

3/08/2007 04:32:00 PM  
Anonymous lora said...

I was also wondering when the "Locke-botomy" occurred. If the place hadn't been rigged to blow, what else would have happened? Something to alert other people on the island of their presence? That wouldn't have been an ideal outcome, either.

Loved the stakes for the ping pong game, but I'm glad Sawyer got quite a few nicknames in before he lost.

3/08/2007 06:17:00 PM  

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